PropNex to provide free health screening to its 12,318 property agents

PropNex brokers will obtain health screenings covering very early diagnosis for Singapore’s top three chronic illness: diabetic issues, high cholesterol, and blood pressure, along with tests for 5 cancer types, including colon, stomach, failing liver, ovarian, and prostate.

Low claims it was “heartwarming” to see PropNex invest in its work force, adding, “This obligation shows the high business requirements that the Singapore government seeks to cultivate among our town firms.”

This was released at the PropNex Annual Convention on March 13. Low Yen Ling, Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, was the visitor of honour.

” Our joint venture with Let’s Get Healthy and Mirxes reflects our combined dedication to proactive health and wellness. This is especially crucial to self-employed individuals including real property representatives,” states PropNex CEO Ismail Gafoor.

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At the celebration, PropNex likewise revealed its business expansion into Thailand. This will likely be its 6th expansion outside of Singapore after Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Australia. Lynette Ping, CEO of PropNex Thailand, will control the office in Thailand. The brand-new Thai firm presently has 500 salespersons and will mainly pay attention to all new and resale non commercial ventures.

PropNex Realty will most likely be the 1st community property agency to provide cost-free extensive overall health screening for 5 years to its staff of 12,318 real property representatives and nearly 200 full-time workers.

This large-scale in depth health assessment is part of an initiative called the Precision Community Screening (PCS) program by Let’s Get Healthy, a social enterprise emphasized strengthening neighborhood healthcare. The testing examinations will be mostly funded by Mirxes, a domestic RNA modern technology and earlier cancer cells diagnosis firm.

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